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Client feedback:

Pam Charris
VP Global Marketing Nualight:

"Darrin is one of the most complete photographers I have had the privilege to work with, covering everything from studio work and retouching to creative brainstorming and artworking, Darrin clearly is a creative at heart and has the skills to take a vague idea and create a beautiful masterpiece. I find myself looking forward to photoshoots at Darrin's studio, it is always creative, inspirational and productive. I'm also eagerly anticipating further collaboration on some exciting location shoots! "

Thom Bateman, head of marketing at iCandyworld:

“Working with Darrin for the first time this year has highlighted to us the importance of having high quality photography for our products and brand. We compared side by side shots of existing images and Darrin’s images and the difference was night and day. Every detail was brought out beautifully by Darrin’s expert lighting, and the images were processed to ensure the product looked immaculate. Not only is Darrin technically excellent at what he does, but he is also a pleasure to work with. It’s refreshing to find someone who cares as much about how our products look as we do.”

Also from Thom:

“The Orange is our most important product launch this year and it was essential that we came up with a campaign that had the necessary impact. I wanted to do something that had never been done before, something that would be a talking point, but also something that reflected the fluidity of design in the pushchair. I’d seen light painting techniques before, especially in automotive advertising and thought it would be cool to try it with a stroller using colours to reflective the product branding. After discussing the brief with Darrin we got hold of a Pixelstick and started to experiment. It took quite a lot of trial and error to get the right shape and colour of light, but I couldn’t be happier with the end results. The images are certainly striking, and there was a great deal of hype around the product launch at Kind & Jugend, Europe’s largest nursery industry trade show. Darrin did a fantastic job of bringing the concept to life."

Why Choose to work with ME?

  • I bring over 30 years of experience to every job
  • I solve client's problems through imagery and ensure everything goes to plan and within budget
  • I write brand guidelines and give creative input
  • I provide high quality images for clients' exclusive us, mostly shot with an 80Mp camera
  • Digital Services: Retouching and image manipulation
  • Production: Shoot planning and preparation, understanding clients' vision and working to the brief
  • Costing projects: Supplying detailed estimates before the shoot begins
  • Post production: Digital processing of images and ensuring their efficient & timely supply to the client
  • Catering for clients both in the studio and on location
  • Location finding
  • Arrangement of insurances, location permits and model hire
  • Prop and Model Sourcing

I thrive on clever ideas and always find it exciting to receive a really creative brief.

Beautiful light and photography can transform subjects, whether the immediacy of a portrait, or the way products can reflects light in abstract, predictable and unpredictable ways.

It’s exciting when a combination of skills converge such as; planning, visuals, lighting, composition and digital multi-shot trickery.

My approach is a considered one, always planned as much as possible as attention to detail is so critically important to me, whether an advertising shoot with a large budget or for a smaller local company for brochure or web use, tight deadlines and technical creative challenges are a great driving force.

Having started my business in the late 80’s I have decades of experience, I give creative ideas not just during the shoot but in pre-production too. I’m known for a calm persona which is always good to have when everyone else is stressed out to max. As well as working hard I don't mind making the coffee too!

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Clients throught the years include:
Fairline Yachts
Astra Zeneca
Premier Foods
Birds Eye
iCandy World
The Wine Society
Goldman Sachs
Thorn Lighting
Capita Group

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